About Me

Alaka Oladimeji Basit

I am glad you click that button to know more about me. Well, I am Oladimeji, a civil engineering graduate of Osun state university. I am a technology enthusiast and a lover of creatives.

My history of learning new things started after my secondary school program. I learned the act of repairing personal computers, and I ended up assembling a desktop unit for myself from an old modern board and graphics card.

Though civil engineering is my core discipline during my undergraduate within the period, I started learning graphic design through tutorial videos. I master the act, and I later Co-founded Leedigital with my colleagues in school. Leedigital is a creative agency that helps the business owner in creating innovative and captivating designs.

My love for technology keeps increasing, and my enthusiasm leads me to data science in 2019. I am currently learning data science using python as the programing language.

Lastly, I am a hustler and entrepreneur. I started freelancing in 2015, and I have earned enough to buy a car and a small bungalow in my village. But it never happened. Only God knows why lol. I love reading, I more of my time reading business and finance books. 

Wish to know more about me? Feel free to contact me.